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It has 6 meters and a beautiful view: the Malý Ľubín lookout tower




3,2 km




1h 20 min.



If you are looking for an unpretentious interesting trip in nature, which will offer you a wonderful view of the Hornonitrian basin and the surrounding mountains, do not hesitate and visit the Malý Ľubín lookout tower.

6 meters and a view of the wide surroundings

This wooden building rises on the southeastern tip of the Strážov Hills, on the slopes of Drieň hill, and is easily accessible from the swimming pool in Chalmová. The lookout tower was built in 2018 and is only 6 metres high, which is, however, enough to admire the panorama of Vtáčnik, Tribeč and Pohronský Inovec.

Rozhľadňa Malý Ľubín
Rozhľadňa Malý Ľubín

How to get there

The lookout tower is a part of the Chalmov Circuit. We recommend taking the green trail, especially if you are hiking with children. During the first few metres you will get acquainted with the local flora and fauna on the Chalmová Forestry Nature Trail. We were lucky to see these beautiful lizards.

Rozhľadňa Malý Ľubín
Rozhľadňa Malý Ľubín

A cherry on top

It’s up to you whether you decide to continue or shorten your route. You start and end at the thermal swimming pool in Chalmová, where you can take a bath, refresh yourself or have a massage.

The Malý Lubín lookout tower is an ideal place for nature lovers who want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful atmosphere.

Rozhľadňa Malý Ľubín