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From the motocross track to the top




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Slovakia is known for its rich nature and the sport activities it offers. The village of Nitrianske Rudno is the meeting point of both features: the Košútova skala and the motocross Kaňová.

Košútova skala: a natural treasure of the Nitric Hills

Košútova skala is a picturesque rocky peak 840 metres high. It rises above the village of Nitrianske Rudno in the Nitric Hills. This peak provides 3 in 1: a magnificent view of the Fore Rokoš, partly of Rokoš and the village of Nitrianske Rudno.

Hidden Cave

In the massif of the Košútova rock, nature has created a cave about 10 metres long, sometimes called the Black Cauldron. The cave is declared a natural monument and is freely accessible. There is a marked trail leading to the cave from the hiking trail connecting Košút’s Rock with the nearby Rokoš Hill.

The Rokoš Mountains, where Košútova skala is located, is part of the protected area of the Rokoš National Nature Reserve. This area is famous for its dolomite and limestone rocks, which tower above the Rudnianska valley, creating a breathtaking scenery.

A motocross track was created from a rubbish dump

Motocross in Nitriansky Rudno, also known as “Kaňová”, is a place where adrenaline lovers meet and at the same time the hiking to the aforementioned Košútú rock starts here. This motocross track was built in the early 1990s on the site of the original rubbish dump and has undergone several changes since then.

The track is very well used – club members train here, various events are held here and even families with children come here to roast marshmallows by the fire. Thanks to sponsors, motocross races, also known as “goulash races“, are held here every year. All information about the events is published on the official website.

If you are looking for a place where you can connect with nature and experience adventure, Nitrianske Rudno is the perfect choice for you.