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Find a discount


Maybe you’re here because you managed to find a card with our logo and a QR code that referred you here. In that case, CONGRATULATIONS, you’re a winner!

And maybe you’re just wondering what kind of unconventional contest we’ve got lined up where sitting at home on your butt isn’t enough.

What did I win?

Either you’re really lucky and we’ll put you up for 1 night for free, or you’ll get an awesome discount of up to 70%.

What kind of cards we’re talking about, where to look for them and what they look like are probably your next questions.

So read on.

Where to look?

On our social networks (that’s why they are written on the card) we will post clues in the form of photos and videos of the place where the card is hidden. It can be anywhere in Slovakia. Posting hints will not be regular, so set notifications for our posts/stories. Seeing the hint first can be a big advantage, so keep that in mind.

The first clue will be the video, so you can find out what city and what area to look in.

The second clue will be a photo, which allows you to find a specific place to search (the card is somewhere in the photo, but you can’t see it).

Sample card:

VZOR sutaznej karty

I have a card, now what?

If you manage to find the card, don’t tell anyone, don’t show it, don’t take photos, lest someone else take your place and your reward. You’d better show off the photo directly from us, even with the card whose code you used.

No, there’s no point in trying the code from the sample one.


The only way to find out the amount of the reward you get is to email us (info@glampingresort.sk) with a photo showing the 5-digit code.

In the first round we have 56 cards of different categories:

  • Diamond – free stay
  • Gold – discount 70%
  • Silverdiscount 50%
  • Bronzediscount 20%

Starting 14.10.2023